PATH for using xilink?

PATH for using xilink?

I'm using intel C++ 7.1 on windows. A weird thing is that I can only have xilink work under the "build environment for IA32 application" console coming with the installation. E.g. if I type "xilink" in a normal command console or under cygwin, it'll display the help and a last sentence:
xilink: error: can't run 'link'; inaccessible drive or directory in PATH.

The installation already modified my env settings(PATH, INCLUDE, LIB), I can resolve xilink, icl, cl, link etc. perfectly well.


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There's a file iccvars.bat under the compiler70in directory. Run it from the command window before using xilink. This should solve your problem.


Hi XW,

I would take a look at the iccvars.bat file. This is what runs to set up the environment for the "build envirnoment ...". Check what EVs are set there (not already set on your system). Probably something added to the PATH there not added during installation.

I suggest submitting a problem report to Intel Premier Support if there is something missing during the installation. Information on submitting problem reports are included in the Release Notes.



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