Integration in VisualStudio 2003 - SourceSafe

Integration in VisualStudio 2003 - SourceSafe

Using compiler 7.1 and visual studio 2003 (visual studio inegration turned on) I get this problem: Every time I open a project file someone (intels compiler integration) tries to check out all the project files.

I know some "solutions", but there should be a better one.
- remove the read-only flag from all project files.
- click 20 times on the NO button
- allow the checkouts


Harald Deischinger

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Hi Harald,

There are issues with the 7.1 Intel C++ Compiler Integration with VS .NET 2003 and VSS, related to how the compiler reformats the project file. This may or may not be the problem you are seeing.

Version 8.0 of the Intel Compiler will be shipping soon (in the coming months) and will have VSS issues resolved. Stay tuned for that announcement.



Just to confirm what Paul is saying - I've seen that problem with 7.1 myself. I'm not 100% sure, but I suspect that 8.0 will fix this.

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