Circumventing nonexisting compiler support

Circumventing nonexisting compiler support

I have read that the C++-compiler does not support all header files in VC7 (e.g. atlplus.h). Now I however wish to compile a project which unfortunately needs this header. Is it not possible to build projects with these headers using the Intel compiler? Or, is it possible to circumvent this somehow?

Regards Adamcool

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The Intel C++ Compiler for Windows doesn't support the new feature "Attribute" that is in some of the header files of VC.NET.

I found one attribute in the "atlplus.h". You could try to common it out and see if it's ok with MS VC compiler. Other than that I don't see any other choices. Sorry.


Thanks for the reply Jennifer.

The project was not very large so I decided to make a new project without attributes and copied the functionality to the new project. Now it works!


Is Intel C++ Compiler for Windows support the feature "Attribute" ("Managed C++") now?

If not, is "Managed C++" support planned for future?

Sorry, both features are not supported still.

Could you file a feature request at PremierSupport



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