STLFilt: Updated for Intel C++ 7/8

STLFilt: Updated for Intel C++ 7/8

The Intel C++ version of STLFilt, my "STL Error Decryptor for C++", has now been updated to support Intel C++ 8 Beta along with version 7.

STLFilt post-processes compiler diagnostics to simplify STL-related type names.

All MSVC environments are supported in conjunction with Intel 7/8, yielding a total of six supported Intel/MSVC permutations. Best results, however, come from sticking with the MSVC 7.x libs.

Other platforms for which STLFilt distributions are available: MSVC 6/7, Comeau C++, gcc 2/3, Borland C++, Metrowerks CodeWarrior 7/8, EDG front end.

As usual, all versions may be freely downloaded from the STLFilt web page:

Feedback on the Intel version, even if just to say "it works", would be appreciated, since I've never had any comments come back regarding this distribution since its original release for Intel 7. Email to:


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