compiler distribution??

compiler distribution??


we recently acquired a copy of the C++ compiler for windows, and i compiled a program with it, which runs fine on my machine. i gave a copy of the program to a collegue to run on his machine [which doesn't have the compiler installed on it], but he got an error 'missing libmmd.dll' [which can be found in the lib folder of where the compiler is installed on my machine]...

now, does this mean that code that is compiled using the intel compiler can only run on machines that has the compiler installed? or does it mean we have to distribute the intel dll's as well as the program?? or is there a compilation setting that removes run-time dependencies with the complier libs???


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You have 2 possimility.
The 1st one is to place corresponding libmmd.dll in the same directory where should be placed your .exe (or provide that this dll can be search using PATH).
The second one is to use under development static version of this library.
E.g. you can insert the following code in header
# if defined(_MT) && defined(_DLL)
# pragma comment(linker, "/NODEFAULTLIB:libmmd")
# pragma comment(lib, "libmmds.lib")
# endif

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