install icc without using install script

install icc without using install script


is it possible to install icc on a rpm-based
linux (i.e. SuSE) without using the './install'
script. If I do 'rpm -Uhv *.i386.rpm' the packages
get installed but after running 'source ifcvars.csh'
I get the error message
INSTALLDIR: No such file or directory.

Any suggestion?


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Yes, I think you can install without install script, but this is not recommended.

INSTALLDIR is the variable set by install script during installation based on users selection.
To install without this script, you will have to manually replace this variable, wherever present, with the root directory path where compiler is installed (for example /opt/intel).

Some of the files where this modification is required are - icc, icpc, icc.cfg,


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