ilio_malloc: out of memory

ilio_malloc: out of memory

I have a large source file (60000 lines, the file is not manually written but automatically generated) and when I compile it with the 7.1 compiler, I get the message:

Fatal error: ilio_malloc: out of memory -- 43ed078 bytes requested

I assume that some compiler memory allocation limit is reached. However, I can compile the code with the MS VC++ .NET 2002 compiler, I just need to set the compiler option -Zm400, which sets the VC++ memory limit to 420MB (default 105MB). Unfortunately, there is no -Zm option with the intel compiler. The Task manager shows in column "Mem Usage" that the compiler process has allocated about 380MB in the moment when the error occurs.
Platform: Win 2000 SP4.

Any ideas how can I get the Intel compiler to allocate more memory ?


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