Support for the /RTCu flag?

Support for the /RTCu flag?

I've been impressed with the debugging aid of the /RTCu (uninitialized memory check) in the latest MS C++ compiler. This has caught bugs in the code that the compiler can miss.

Unfortunately, although this flag is listed in help for the Intel 7.1 C++ compiler, it doesn't appear to be operational. (I compiled a simple code fragment to loop up to an uninitialized upper bound, the MS V13.10.3077 compiler throws a run-time error on the code, Intel V7.1 does not)

Are there any plans to add support for this feature in future releases?

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The option /RTCu is not yet implemented in the Intel compiler. There is an open feature request in our tracking database, for this option. Please submit an feature request in, if you would like us to let you know, any updates on whether or not this option will be implemented in the compiler. The users guide needs to be corrected. I will submit an issue to the documentation team about that.

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