Bug in idb 7.1

Bug in idb 7.1

Hi, I noticed a bug (not the ones with my program) with the intel debugger. If I run idb, e.g. 'idb ./appname' then, 'run -option1 -option2' with several command-line options, the options are passed to my app. However, if I kill the app, go back to the terminal and rerun it, I see the message saying 'process expired, rereading debugging information, etc' but the app runs without the command-line options.

I am on redhat 9.


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Hi CB,

How did you re-run the target?

If you used the IDB "rerun" command, the arguments got re-used. If you used the "run" command, they didn't.

If you send me a tar file containing the components necessary to reproduce this, I'll take a closer look at it for you.


-- G

Ah, didn't know about 'rerun'. I was just using an up arrow to retrieve the original command.


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