widechar support / Xscale platform usability

widechar support / Xscale platform usability

hi all,
i had been busy past week analysing my code which just fails to run when compiled with intel compiler(1.1).

Turns out its b'coz of unavilability of widechar support in intel compiler.

At application level , Pocket pc is all unicode( widechar). hence teh usability of compiler for applications gets quite restricted.

i am using viewsonic v35 as my platform.
Anyone else faced such "wide" issues. any workarounds?


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Hi Anupam,

I understand that the release notes say the wide char is not supported. I am not sure how true this is for the 1.1 compiler.

1. Have you actually tried it with the 1.1 compiler and seen a problem? What is the error?

2. Can you post a snippet of code (or project) that has the problem?


Sorry for the late reponse, got caught up with some other work.

My team was able to get over the issue.
The microsoft MSXML routines were failing, but that was due to a documented limitation of the parser support for UTF-8/16 encoding schemes...found my way around that.

Since all my application graphics were dynamically generated from XML descriptions, it was all haywire.

Intel compiler works fine..and i am glad , i can get on to do some serious optimization work now.


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