program to convert gcc calls to icc

program to convert gcc calls to icc

It would be making development easier, when there would exist a program that changes the env variables of gcc and icc to its own and converts gcc calls of make with all parameters to a choice of icc options and calls.

does such a tool exist? Or must I write it on my own?

It would make the most of the distribution gentoo compile with icc and also enabling tools like kdevelope to work with it.....

thank you for answers

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I believe the answer is no, but would like to get more specifics. One could eliminate the need for executing by including information in /opt/intel/compiler70/ia32/bin/icc.cfg.

Thanks in advance.

Andy D


The 8.0 compiler defines the gcc preprocessor symbols such as __GNUC__ __GNUC_MINOR__ & __GNUC_PATCHLEVEL__ (these can be disabled if desired).

If you use the new g++ compatibility/interoperability switch in 8.0, -cxxlib-gcc will use the g++ C++ run time libraries, so it will make calls to the g++ libraries. This switch enables you to build part of the application with g++ and icc.

So 8.0 with -cxxlib-gcc should meet your needs, let us know if this is not the case.

best regards,

Several of the items in this forum are discussing intel c++ version 8. I'm assuming this is a beta version as it is not available to download from the intel C++ web site. If this is correct how does one go about getting access to this beta?

I'm interesting in trying a new version to determine if the compatibility issues between the intel and GNU C++ compilers have been resolved.

Shane Braendler

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