ICC 7 Evaluation version and VS.net 2003 integration

ICC 7 Evaluation version and VS.net 2003 integration

To evaluate upgrade from MS msdev + Intel Icc6.0
We are using:
Microsoft XP - fully patched.
Microsoft VS.net 2003 - no special patches.
Intel C++ 7.1 (005) Evaluation download Version.

We are seeing the following problems:

1. Default compiler becomes Intel C++.
Seen for many projects. Need to keep Microsoft 7.1 as default. Intel for SSE stuff.
Have tries to change this, but cannot find where to do this.

2. Command line build cause crash:
devenv /useenv GraphicManager.vcproj /BUILD DEBUG /project GraphicManager
=> devenv crashes.

3. Icc has problems resolving correct method.
Sample program included:
error: more than one instance of constructor "XcVariant::Point::Point" matches the argument list:
function "XcVariant::Point::Point(int)"
function "XcVariant::Point::Point(const XcVariant::Point &)"
argument types are: (XcVariant)
static XcVariant::Point p(v);

class XcVariant
class Point {
Point(int i);
Point(const Point& p);

operator int();
operator Point();

static XcVariant v;
static XcVariant::Point p(v);

4. Get Internal Compiler error:
c:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET 2003Vc7includexlocnum(1286): (col. 37)internal error: assertion failed at: "proton/edgglue/edg_main.c", line 593
compilation aborted for .Parser.cpp (code 4)

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I've reproduced the problem you encountered with the latest compiler and believe this is a compiler bug that needs to have an engineering report entered. I would like to discuss this further with you. Please send email to developer.support@intel.com. Please add to the subject line '(fwd Andy D)'. Thanks in advance.

Andy D

Hi Andy,

Did this problem/issue get resolved? I'm at a site that is seeing the same error message:

internal error: assertion failed at: "proton/edgglue/edg_main.c", line 593


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