Intel Performance Primitives - Off Topic

Intel Performance Primitives - Off Topic

First of all, sorry for asking this question here, but it seemed to me that this forum is the only one that is somewhat related to the topic and last time when I posted a question here, you helped me a lot.

I have a problem with the Intel Performance Primitives 3.0 Library.
When I try to compile a program using the "Canny Edge Detection" (more precisely "ippiCanny_16s8u_C1R") a linkage error occurs.
Canny Edge Detection is part of the ippi part of the library and therefore I link with ippi20 and ippcore.
All the other functions in the ippi part, that I used so far, work without any problems.

Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you very much!

And once again, sorry for posting this question here.

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