Compiling the Linux kernel

Compiling the Linux kernel

There have been a number of posts requesting information on compiling the Linux kernel. I would like to work with some of you who are interested in this information.

If you are interested, please file a Premier support issue and mention my name in the report. This will allow our support people to connect the dots.


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I don't have access to the Intel Premier Support. I can give you detailed information about Intel C/C++ Compiler for Linux 8.0.055 andkernel 2.6.x (especially 2.6.5). Please refer to the topic "Compiling the linux kernel 2.6.5 with icc".

How can I interact with you? Please contact me by mail.


Dear Ingo,

My post was to see if there was interest in building the kernel- I have instructions and patches for doing so.

My patches were for 2.4 based kernels. I have read your post regarding 2.6 and may find it very useful once I try a 2.6 kernel (I have not done so yet).



I am preparing to compile 2.6 FC2 and soon to try FC3. Any pointers would greatly appreciated.



I gave a first, half hearted attempt at my first Kernel compilation, in which I used icpc. I was eventually planning on use the -prof_gen and -prof_use flag for the compilation. Any thoughts on this? Specifically, I'm wondering what some typical kernel usage would involve - maybe just using the computer for a couple days with the prof_gen kernel?


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