icc 7.1 problem with red hat 9

icc 7.1 problem with red hat 9

Above all, thanks for your reading ...

I'm running red hat 9 with glibc-2.2.93 which is from my old machine with red hat 8.

The solution for running icc 7.1 on red hat 9 appears to be fine.

But,when I ran my openMP program with OMP_THREAD_NUM=8, I saw

>OMP abort: stack overlap detected!
>Perhaps you are using over 2MB of stack with >unsupported pthreads library
>that was built without FLOATING_STACKS defined? This is the default for
>the static pthreads library and many unsupported operating systems.

The following is the detail of system environments
- red hat 9( kernel 2.4.20 )
- 4 xeon mp cpu ( with hyperthreading )
so, logically 8 cpu.

However, when I set the OMP_THREAD_NUM 4( export OMP_THREAD_NUM=4), it ran correctly with no run time error.

Is there any idea ?

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