How to link on a IA32 platform

How to link on a IA32 platform

Dear all
I am a new user of the Intel C complier I am using the command line version not the one integrated with Visual C++ IDE
I have basically two queries
1.How do i link a source file
when i give icl sourcefile.c I get a error message
saying " cannot find link " pls help me on this
2.How do I use turbo C header files and library files in my code
awaiting a fast and favorable response
Thanks in Advance,

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ICL expects to see link.exe and libraries from one of the MS 6 or 7 compilers, installed in the usual place, before the ICL installation is run. I don't know whether anything from Turbo C could replace any of those, if copied into the directories searched by ICL.

If the Turbo C header files are compatible with standard C, and don't conflict with Microsoft equivalents, you could use a /I directive to have ICL search the appropriate directory. Likewise, /L directives would specify a library search directory. Those compatibility questions appear to be big IF's. Please consider making your code standard.

But Borland Turbo C is 16-bit (rather archaic) compiler.
So probably you can not use any libraries from it.

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