Flag to check for 64-bit portability with IA32 compiler?

Flag to check for 64-bit portability with IA32 compiler?

The Microsoft compiler starting with VC7.0 has added a flag /WP64, which checks code for 64-bit portability. Is there a similar flag for the Intel IA32 compiler? I understand the Itanium compiler has such a flag, but at the moment we are just building on IA32, and want to make our code 64-bit clean in preparation for an eventual migration to 64 bits. Having this flag available with the Intel compiler would mean we don't need to resort to VC7 to do this checking.


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Doesn't the Intel 64-bit cross compiler come with the 32-bit compiler? Either 64-bit cross compiler could be used for compile-time checking.

/Wall and /Wport may catch a few non-portabilities.

Yes, using the 64 bit compiler is an option, but that's not really an ideal solution. We would like to integrate the check into our current nightly build process, which is pretty complex already without adding another compiler just to check for this condition.Of course going with VC7 also means two compilers...

Thanks for the pointer to the /Wport flag. I hadn't noticed that before. Can anyone tell me exactly what it checks for though? The docs just say "Issue portability diagnostics" ! Is it likely to issue any warnings related to portability to 64 bit platforms?

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