Seems to be a bug in icc 7.1 / Linux

Seems to be a bug in icc 7.1 / Linux

ICC 7.1 seems to have memory problems working with 2D arrays.
Attached is a source code which demonstrates the problem. The program, compliled with gcc or icc 7.0 provides the same results, while 7.1 compiled executable makes something really strange and crashes after call with segment violation.
I'm using build 20030307Z.

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There should be "crashes after all" :)
Options seem to have no effect, even -O0 doesn't help.

My observations on your test case with Intel compiler V7.1 Build 20030507Z-

1. Works with -O0, fails at -O2.

2. As this is a "C" Code - you can rename your test case to a .c file.
$mv 1.cpp 1.c

In this case, test works fine with both -O0 and -O2 when compiled with icc (and not icpc).
$icc -O2 1.c
If possible, try this option and verify the results.

In any case you can log this issue at Intel's technical support site.


-O0 or -02 have no influence on *.cpp complitaion - error occurs every time.

When compiled as a C code, the program runs without errors even with -O3.

I can't access premier support, it fails with error 403, though I use correct username/password...
Could anyone forward this issue (I mean compiler bug) to the support team?

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