Default parameters in the template function

Default parameters in the template function


I have a template function defined as:
void SetStrings (const CString* pPrefix, const CString* pSeparator = NULL, const CString* pSuffix = NULL);

But compiler complains about the following code:

Z:EDevReusablesCommonDisplayNMLabeledPipe.cpp(279): error #165: too few arguments in function call
LabelInfo.eTimeSlot.SetStrings (&eTimeSlotFieldName, &eRangeDash);

It looks like, for some reason, it's missing that the last two arguments are the default ones.

Please advice what I am missing here.
I am using 7.1.010 build.



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You should report this to Premier Support because it requires more investigation on it.

Also please provide the NMLabeledPipe.i file of "NMLabeledPipe.cpp", you can get it with
>> icl -c -EP -P NMLabeledPipe.cpp

And attach this .i file to the issue report. Or if you can attach the .i file to this post and I'll look at it.


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