iostream / glibc ?

iostream / glibc ?


Before migrating from my current system (RH 7.0 with glibc 2.2.4) to RH9.0 (glibc 2.3.2), I am checking on a laptop the intel c++ compiler (7.1). Here is the problem

>cat test.cpp
#include "iostream"
{ printf("hello

icc test.cpp [works on RH7]
g++ test.cpp [works on RH7]

g++ test.cpp [works on RH9]
icc test.cpp [not working on RH9] :
/opt/intel/compiler70/ia32/lib/libcprts.a(xlocinfo.o)(.text+0x29): In function `_Getctyptab':
: undefined reference to `__ctype_b'

The actual application I am compiling (rather big and many libraries) would compile just fine if one of my library would not be using iostream.

Any clue?


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Hi Walter,
Unfortunately at this point I have not yet built anything with Intel compiler 7.1 on RHL9 (RH7.0 is supported and should work as you correctly found out).

RHL9 support would potentially apply to a future release of the Intel compiler.Is RHL9 important in your schedule right now?

Hello Ganesh,

Thanks for quickly responding.
I understand the Intel compiler is not yet built for newer distributions such as RH9. The test on the laptop was just to make sure it was safe to carry out the system upgrade.

I will delay the upgrade of the workstations until I can get my code to compile with the Intel compiler (we use two other compilers, g++ and a commercial one, but we are quite happy with the Intel compiler performances). We had planned to upgrade the systems in early July, but this can wait.

I will check if I can find a quick fix for this problem in the mean time.


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