Im sorry, I'm probably going to annoy you because I am a n00b, but here is my problem. I am new to C++, but not to programming, as I have done quite a lot of javascript (If you want to see a script I have written, go to, and click on Al's Wraytracer). However, I need a compiler. I have tried Bloodshed, but that had a problem with fullscreen. I tried Digital Mars, but that had no openGL support. (or at least it came up with loads of openGL errrors). So I am thinking of buying a compiler. I looked in my local computer store, and there was Microsoft Visual C++, but for 90. I know thats not so expensive, but I do not even know if it is going to do what I want (run openGL, I am looking at 3d, but I would like it to be able to do most things.) Any advice? Will the Intel C++ compiler do what I want, because I am not prepared to pay over 700 for Borland C++. Please help!


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In order to run ICL on Windows, you will need to install that Microsoft compiler first. Your questions might be answered better with some web research. Look up combinations such as openGL together with the compilers you are considering, and include cygwin in your consideration, if you are staying with Windows. Intel ICL definitely will give you more performance, particularly on CPU's which support SSE.

I have been using Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual C++ 6.0) along with the Intel compiler for a few years. I have written a few programs that use OpenGL calls and they work fine. There are several public sites where OpenGL C++ code is available for a number of OS and compilers including Windows and Microsoft.

While I have not used .NET 2002 and 2003, I suspect that OpenGL support is still available in these new versions of the compiler.

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