Static Linkage Question

Static Linkage Question

It has been suggested by a developer in the lab that if you static link Intel Compiler runtime libraries (Linux) into your application then Intel runtime will be exported from your application for all other applications.

This seems absurd to me, static linkage does imply export of a loadtime/runtime linkage entry point. This would also imply that if I were to create a library that I static linked into my application then all my library functions would be exported to the rest of the system as well. Think of the namespace conflicts alone.

Can anyone point me at definitive source for an answer on this question. I can no doubt prove this, but would like a referee. Also confirm the same situation with the
GCC compiler.

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I think this will happen if you create a shared library and link some Intel libraries statically into that library. Of course, this will only happen for applications that also used the shared library you just created, not for other applications on the system.

Perhaps he could outline the scenario he was thinking of.

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