Undefined reference to '__getpagesize()'

Undefined reference to '__getpagesize()'

We have just upgraded to the Intel 7.1 for Linux and are trying now to compile under Redhat8- glibc 2.2.93-5 and kernel 2.4.18-27.8.0.

This code was compiling on Redhat 7.3, glibc 2.2.5-34, kernel 2.4.18-3.

We are getting the subject error. It appears that __getpagesize() should be in libc.

nm -o /usr/lib/libc.a | grep getpagesize returns:

nm: libc-tls.o: no symbols
nm: lc-messages.o: no symbols
nm: lc-monetary.o: no symbols
nm: lc-numeric.o: no symbols
nm: lc-time.o: no symbols
nm: lc-paper.o: no symbols
nm: lc-name.o: no symbols
nm: lc-address.o: no symbols
nm: lc-telephone.o: no symbols
nm: lc-measurement.o: no symbols
nm: lc-identification.o: no symbols
nm: lc-collate.o: no symbols
nm: old_atexit.o: no symbols
nm: udiv_qrnnd.o: no symbols
nm: mp_clz_tab.o: no symbols
libc.a:fileops.o: U __getpagesize
libc.a:malloc.o: U __getpagesize
nm: getopt_init.o: no symbols
nm: init-posix.o: no symbols
libc.a:sysconf.o: U __getpagesize
nm: lseek64.o: no symbols
nm: oldgetrlimit64.o: no symbols
libc.a:getpagesize.o: U _dl_pagesize
libc.a:getpagesize.o:00000000 W getpagesize
libc.a:getpagesize.o:00000000 T __getpagesize
libc.a:getsysstats.o: U __getpagesize
libc.a:shmat.o: U __getpagesize
nm: getutmpx.o: no symbols
nm: dl-tls.o: no symbols
libc.a:dl-support.o: U __getpagesize

The command we are invoking is:
icpc -ldb2 -lnsl -o /dldaily/cm/opt/IBMicmr/bin/DB2/icmllsap icmplsap.o icmplscm.o icmplscw.o icmpcosk.o icmpcotk.o icmpcosf.o icmplspc.o

Any suggestions? We are including to access SHMLBA which maps to getpagesize in the system include files.

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Mary - Would it be possible tolog this issue on premier.intel.com?


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