.NET & IntelC++ command line compiling troubles

.NET & IntelC++ command line compiling troubles

I writing system for night building of projects.
And I have troubles with compiling from VC.NET command line.
This is text from IntelC++7.1 documentation:

The syntax of the batch-mode invocation for Visual C++ .NET is:

devenv.exe solutionfile.sln  /IntelSpecific  compilername [compilerversion] /build solutionconfig [ /project projectnameorfile [ /projectconfig name ] ]

/IntelSpecific is an option of the Intel C++ Compiler Integration Tool, 
compilername is a parameter to the /IntelSpecific option.  It can have the value Intel or Microsoft. 
Devenv.exe d:	estqwer7qwer7.sln /build debug /IntelSpecific IntelCompiler "IntelC++7.1"

Underlined text is correct?
I can't compile my projects using this option (in both variants).
I can succesful compile my projects only with compiler, that set in options in Visual Studio.

Can I change current compiler without running IDE?

Thanks and sorry for my english :)

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A bug has found in the document. The correct example is below.
>> devenv test.sln /build debug /IntelSpecific Intel
>> devenv test.sln /build debug /IntelSpecific Microsoft


what about a sequence of options
this command:
devenv myproject.sln /rebuild Release /out ddd.txt /IntelSpecific Intel
working perfect and save log in file
but this:
devenv myproject.sln /rebuild Release /IntelSpecific Intel /out ddd.txt
do not save a log
imho options after /IntelSpecific not passed in compiler.

is a not critical, but...
is it a normal behaviour?

Michael Samokhvalov.

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