Performance drop with program size

Performance drop with program size

I have been developing a high performance pattern matching application, with excellent performance, up to a point.
My application performance has been almost identical on windows 2000, and Mandrake 8.1 (using the linux unsupported compiler). However, the funcionality has grown more complex, and suddenly, the linux executable is huge and slow (40% slower than the w2k version, 30% slower than when compiled with g++). The w2k version continues to improve with each compiler release. I'm using 7.1 on both platforms. If I bought the commercial version for linux, could I expect a different outcome?
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Thanks for evaluating the Intel compiler!

Apparantly you seem to be hitting some performance limitation and as you say could be correlated to program size. You might want to try optimizing for size (O1 option) or otherwise use VTune to determine hotspots in your program and methodically eliminate those. (Do you see paging faults or is the L2 cache trashing?)

Also, the eval version is identical to the version you would get when you purchase.

I wish I could be of more help ...


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