looking for the latest icc 6.0

looking for the latest icc 6.0


I'm trying to compile omniORB with icc on a redhat 8.0.
Icc 7.0 does not compile, it seems that it is not compatible with some features of my glibc (identifier "__bswap_32" is undefined).

I have also tested the compilation with an old icc 6.0.
The compilation is successful but I face an error at the execution : "Unsupported encoding mode 10."
This bug has been fixed in the build of June 25,2002 but my version is older than that.

Where can I find an up-to-date version of icc 6.0?

Thanks for answering.

Michael Dussere

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Hi Michael,
No need to switch back to v6. The issue you pointed out is a bug in glibc.

This issue has been already raised by someone in this forum. Please refer to
thread for the patch.

FYI, Intel compiler v7.1 supports RH 8.


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