Maths libraries incompatable with VC7.NET ?

Maths libraries incompatable with VC7.NET ?

I have some serious problems trying to get the
compiler to co-exist with VC7.NET 2002, and link
an app against some dll's I have built earlier:

Intel C++ Compiler for 32-bit applications,
Version 7.0 Build 20021018Z

I have traced this down to the Intel maths libs
limmd and libmmdd not depending on the newer VC7
msvcr70 and msvcr70d runtime libraries shipped
with VC7. They in fact depend on the old VC6
libraries, and the debug one does not actually
form a part of VC7 or the system - namely MSVCRTD.

Using a dependency walker I can compile the below
program and it links in the Intel mmd[d] libraries
which then pull in VC6 non-existent libraries.


int main( int argc, char ** argv )
float a = 0;
float sa = sin(a);

return 0;

The intel maths libraries:

Should depend on:

They actually depend on:

The file MSVCRTD.DLL is not part of VC++7.NET
anymore and is not a default system file.

Can anyone provide me with a up to date mmd and mmdd
built against VC7?

Many thanks,


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