understand compiler internal error

understand compiler internal error

The compiler produced this message. How can I interpret it?

(0): internal error: 101003_6

compilation aborted for xxx.cpp (code 4)

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Internal errors generally don't provide sufficient information for the customer, only for the compiler vendor's support team. If you got an internal error from an Intel compiler, you would have some instructions about where to report it, so it's unclear whose application is giving you this.

I think this is coming from the compiler. Submit an issue with a reproducible test case (you should be able to do this easily by submitting a preprocessed .i file generated by compiling the bad source file with the -E -EP options on Windows* or redirecting the -E output to a file on Linux*.

Intel Developer Support

For on-line assistance: http://support.intel.com/support/performancetools
For product support information: http://www.intel.com/software/products/support
* Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries
* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others

I should add that you should submit the issue to Premier Support at https://premier.intel.com. If you don't have an account, register your compiler at http://intel.com/software/products/registrationcenter.htm.

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