a compatibility issue

a compatibility issue

Hello there'

I 'm trying Intel Compiler and it fails to compile many my earlier C++ projects. Mostly it stops on sybbol/define redefinition (such as size_t when I use windows.h delivered with VS) -- MS's cl.exe is able to overpass this, can I set up ICL to do so? (-Qms doesn't help at all).

And is then there a option to use Intel compiler as default for all in future created projects /or do I have to edit the project files and rewrite compiler name?/


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Are you using Visual C++* 6.0 or .NET? If all you're doing is replacing "cl" with "icl" and using the same options and all that, I would recommend reporting this issue on our Premier Support web site at https://premier.intel.com. If you don't have an account, register your compiler at http://intel.com/software/products/registrationcenter

As for your other question, it will depend I think on whether you're using 6.0 or .NET.

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