cannot find entry symbol _start

cannot find entry symbol _start


i tried to compile a program, but after the linking i get this error message:

xildifeNnto.o: In function `alsa_open_audio.66':
xildifeNnto.o(.text+0x3daa): Warning: start_mode is deprecated, consider to use start_threshold
xildifeNnto.o(.text+0x3dc6): Warning: xrun_mode is deprecated, consider to use stop_threshold
ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol _start; defaulting to 000000000804a0e0

the first two messages seem to be ok (i get similar messages with gnu).
the default start value is not working, so i'd need some help if someone knows what to do.
i used -xW -tpp7 -ip -ipo options.
any ideas?



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Please check if you get this error while compiling __without__ -ipo option.

If you do not get the error, please check the options that are being passed to the linker, while you use -ipo. Can you please let me know the options ?

You don't need to use -ip option if you are already using -ipo.


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