64K Aliasing Conflint

64K Aliasing Conflint


I have a problem. I dont understand the "64K Aliasing Conflict" in the "Intel Pentium 4 and Intel Xeon Processor Optimization (Reference manual)". I have also looked into the "VTune Performance Analyzer Help". My problem is that: in the explanation given by them, I cannot point any conflict with L1 cache. Could anybody help me? Attending to the VTune Performance Analyzer Im having serious problems with "64K Aliasing Conflicts" in my project.

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You might get more expert assistance on this in the Vtune forum. 64K aliasing conflicts refer to cache evictions due to your program using multiple (probably more than 4) data regions which map to the same location in cache. Thus, a performance problem with 64k aliasing is more likely to be confirmed if you see cache misses and poor performance from the same code region. It's unusual for this to be a significant performance problem unless you are running multi-threaded. It's possible for VTA to over-estimate the magnitude of your problem. If you do in fact have such a problem, you will need to give more information.

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