VisualStudio.NET crash with Intel C++ 7

VisualStudio.NET crash with Intel C++ 7

Hello guys.
I just installed VS.NET Professional ed, and then Intel C++ V7 and fortran compilers.

Fortran projects compile fine but C++ projects when compiled with the intel C++ option cause a crash of the IDE. I removed all the default compiler options that are not supported by icl 7 but the ide always crash.
Note that the ide crashes with a simple hello world file and also with the minimallist " int main(){return 0;}"

I will try as soon as possible to solve the problem by installing the service pack 2 of the .NET framework.

Could anyone help me?

P.S. I have XP professional, italian version and the italian localization of the .NET ide.

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Please correct my impression of the problem you're experiencing.

Installed Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002
Installed Intel Fortran Compiler for Windows
Installed Intel C++ Compiler for Windows
Create and execute a Fortran only program successfully
Create and execute a C++ only program and encountered an error?

Andy D
Intel Compiler Support

I would like to learn more about the integration problem you're experiencing. Please let me know if you have an Intel Premier Service account. If not, please send me the solution file and a buildlog.htm file if it exists to Thanks. Look forward to hearing from you.


Dear Andy
Your impression was right.
But after i posted the message i installed the service pack for the .NET framework and all works (very fine).
Dont forget i installed a localized version (italian) of .NET and, as frequently happens, localized versions are affected by bugs that was already removed from the English distribution.

Thank you for your interst.

And thanks for using the forum.
> i installed the service pack for the .NET framework and all works (very fine).

I am glad it works.

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