patch for stlport 4.5.3 - fixes bugs with current procecure

patch for stlport 4.5.3 - fixes bugs with current procecure

Hello all,

I've patched stlport 4.5.3 to properly support icc. The existing procedure breaks things on Linux (at least) because it defines __GNUC__, causing the system libraries to improperly assume that they can use gcc extensions.

The patch file creates the icc.mak and stl_icc.h files as described here:

It also patches the various STLPort files to recognize when __ICC is defined (in the same places that __GNUC__ was being used).

Shall I post the patch file here ('diff -N -C 5' format), or send it through premier support?


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Scott- Please do!. I really appreciate your help.


OK, here you go! :-)

Run it with:

patch -p0 -b < stlport-4.5.3-icc.patch

from above the STLport-4.5.3 directory you get from the stlport download. Or, run it with -p1 from within that directory.

Basically, the patch adds checks for __ICC within the stlport source code instead of using '__GNUC__ = 1', since doing that causes problems with some of the Linux system headers that assume they can use gcc extensions when __GNUC__ is set.

Actually, that should say:

patch -p0 -b < stlport-4.5.3-icc.patch.txt

The forum software wouldn't let me create the attachment with a .patch extension. :-P

I've tried contacting the stlport people to get the patch accepted as part of their distribution, but I haven't had any luck so far.

scottanderson: *Thanks!*

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