Strange compiler failures???

Strange compiler failures???

I've got a weird one here, folks: twice now I've encountered the same problem with 2 unrelated projects. When trying to compile with Intel C++ plugged into Visual C++ 6 sp5, the compiler begins its cycle i.e. it displays compiler options and the name of the first file it begins to compile...and then nothing! Hard drive begins to thrash in rythmic "off-on-off-on" bursts and cpu usage goes to 100% and stays there. It will not exit this state regardless of how long I wait. What's worse, exiting and restarting the IDE and attempting a recompile generates the same behavior. Rebooting and scanning disk for errors doesn't help either...the project refuses to compile regardless of what I do (as if it starts and then gets stuck in some sort of endless loop). It will, however, still compile if I select the microsoft compiler as the default. The only way around it is to copy my project to a new folder and recompile from there. What's more, it seems totally random and unreproducible, although it has happened twice in the last week (2 unrelated projects). Has anyone else seen this behavior? I'm starting to think my hard disk is on the way out.

- Lionel

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Ouch. Could it be that you are hitting a system limit such as a paging threshold?
You could consider turning off optimization (just as an experiment). Typically the optimization transformations take up system resources.

Hi Ganesh.
I don't believe I am running into any system limits since copying everything to a new folder and compiling from there restores proper functioning. It's very bizarre. I have discovered, however, that Sony recalled my machine for a rash of hard disk failures. But everything else on the machine is working properly. Very odd.

Hi lionelk,

I've got exactly the same problem! And I don't think it's a hard disk problem...
Well, I think I'll try your "copy-to-other-folder"-solution.


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