VEC_memzero link error...

VEC_memzero link error...

i recently ugraded from v5.0 to v7.0 and get this
link error:

unresolved external symbol __VEC_memzero

any idea why?



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Are you linking with the same options you used for compile? Options such as /QaxW may invoke additional library calls, which won't be satisfied unless the same option is used for linking.

Tim is right. This function should be defined in libirc which should be automatically called by the driver when you throw -QaxW (or -axW).

Does this help?

i did not add any new option. i use -O2


Bill - I am suprised you are pulling in vectorizer functions when you just use O2.
Could you kindly doublecheck the log files as well?

Is there a chance you could log a testcase at so the support engineers can triage this issue more methodically?


If you're using profile guided feedback, you might get this error if you're trying to link with older (5.0) compiler libraries.

One thing to check is to make sure that your libirc.lib is new (i.e. NOT 5.0's). __VEC_memzero exists only in the newer libs, and not the older ones. You can check your libirc by doing "nm libirc.lib | grep memzero" to see if it's defined there.

Hope this helps.

Zia Ansari
IA32 Intel Compiler Code Generator

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