Interest in Array Visualizer?

Interest in Array Visualizer?

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John -

This is pretty novel!
Question - The download link in this page points to the general download area. I guess you are saying that we should download the Fortran compiler and get the utility. Is that correct?


Yes, they can download the trial Fortran compiler and get the Array Visualizer as well. To use the Array Visualizer headers/libs they will just need to update their INCLUDE/LIB paths. Also the Array Viewer application can be used to look at data files and create new graphs without any programming needed.


I am trying to bring this back to the top of list.

Did anyone try?
Please add a line even if you didnt.
You feedback is valuable.


Array Visualizer looks like an excellent tool for viewing a variety of data types. I am especially interested in HeightPlot and XYZPlot. Please include this with the Intel C++ compiler. I have not read the entire documentation. However, are you going to provide functions to dump the generated images to external files? If so what formats are supported?

Creating image files of graphs is supported through the CreateImage.vbs script provided in Array Visualizer/Samples/Script. See readme.txt in that directory for instructions on how to run it. Supported output formats are PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF.


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