Is this forum working for you?

Is this forum working for you?

As you know, we have had this forum for a couple of months now. First of all, it has been wonderful hearing from you. Please note that you are warmly welcome here!

Please tell me what has helped you. Has the information here helped you optimize your apps for the latest Intel processors? Has this made the process of finding additional information easier? Please also feel free to tell me if something is annoying you.

(I'll tell you what annoyed me. I deleted a couple of "test" messages that had no content. :-)

Look forward to hearing from you.


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So far so good, although I think things will really pick up with more people involved. Right now we don't seem to have too many.

- Lionel

I agree. However, even though this forum has been out for only a couple of months, there have been quite a few threads that are helping me gauge what my users are looking for.
Our web admin indicated that a zillion people are reading it even though we dont have as many posts. So I guess that users are shy to post.

Subtle Hint-Hint - If you are reading this PLEASE DONT HESITATE TO POST ;-)

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