I am new

I am new

I am a university student. I am interested in optimaization of C++ programs by Intel Processor.

Could anyone recommand any readings and manual which I could learn how to programming, with VC++, to maximize the CPU performance?

I target on game programming, computer graphics, computer vision and AI. I think if I could find a way to make use of CPU to increase the throughput of the programming I am currently writing by VC++ only.

I am using WinXP and VC++. Please make a recommandation on my pathway. How could I start my learning?


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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.


If you are using Visual Studio 6, the intel compiler works great (free for a month!). Under the project properties, set the active project to "release". Under the comand line parameters, add in your desired optimisation commands. Something like "/QxK /Ox /G6" optimises well for the PIII etc. - just read the manual that comes with the installer (ccug.chm) for the optimising commands.

As for Visual Studio .NET, You dont have to touch the command line syntax at all. Under the project properties, all the optimising options are there for you to select - like a drop down menu - you pick what processor to optimise for etc.

You cant add two files of the same name to the project though under visual studio .NET + intel compiler 7, but you could in Visual Studio 6 + compiler 6. This may or not be a problem for you.
Anyway, good luck. I recommend you dont install the compiler untill you are about to submit your project as you only get a months free use of the compiler unless you have the cash - its well worth it. Expect an increase of around 20% over the MS compiler - seriously!

Thx for answering me.
I have a question. My programs always need to do vector and matrix computation, so does Intel processor has special features to handle this computation and maximize the performance? Where could I find the documentation(s)?

You may be interested in the performance libraries, specifically "MKL," which includes versions of the Netlib BLAS (and many other) functions, optimized for IA. You could find them with the "software search" feature of this site.

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