Compiling the Linux kernel witch icc

Compiling the Linux kernel witch icc

I have Intel's compiler ( version 6 and 7 )
and I'd like to compile Linux kernel ( 2.4.x ) with it.
I didn't find any information what workarounds/patches should be applied
in order it will suceed.


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Dear urka,
Please see:
for information regarding building the Linux* kernel with the Intel C++ compiler.
Intel Compiler Support

Hello Patrick,
Thanks for your answer,but unfortunately,the link
you provided point to the manual that I read already.
As far as I understand,in order to compile the linux kernel with icc, I have to apply some Intel's specific patches.So the question is ,where I can get these patches?

Thank you very much,

It is very strange but this patches seem to be nowhere in the web.
I've heard some guys claiming to have compiled kernel 2.4.x with icc but no info about the patches was given; if you manage to put your hands on them please let me know how you did it!



Can you submit a Premier support issue requesting the kernel patches? Also, post here once you have done so - so I can know to look for your issue.



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