gcc compatibility behaviour

gcc compatibility behaviour


A nice summary of the problem I am having is here:
Libtool Mailing List Archive

Short summary: icc's -M behaviour is different to gcc's. Support for icc is not in any libtool package, so compilation of programs using libtool might not work. In my case, this is KDE. Is there an option or a wrapper (as suggested by the link) to make icc behave like gcc? Or do you plan on working with the libtool guys to add icc support?

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Michael Jahn

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In V7.0, icc's -M output differed from gcc's. That is, it output each dependent file (plus the main file) on a separate line. In V8.0, the output format should be the same for both icc and gcc.

For example:
% icc -M hello.c
hello.o: hello.c /usr/include/stdio.h /usr/include/features.h

I think this change resolves the libtool build issue.


FYI, the current shipping version of the Intel compiler is 7.0. Internally, we are working on the next major release which is expected to resolve this issue.


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