Optimization on small-size objects of templated classes

Optimization on small-size objects of templated classes

I do NOT think that Intel compiler ver. 6 generates fast machine codes as KCC (KAI c++ compiler) does for programs with small-size objects of templated classes. Now KAI is aquired by Intel and no new version of KCC will be available.

The new version of icc, ver. 7, was released. So I'm wondering that new version gives faster codes for such programs?

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Could you kindly elaborate with details?


What I want to know is whether the latest version of Intel C++ can be substitute of KAI C++ or not.

Sales of KAI C++ ended on April 30, 2002. You can find information on KAI C++ on the web at http://www.intel.com/software/products/kcc/

KAI C++ do very good job on compilation of highly templated programs with frequent allocation/deallocation of small objects. In other words, an executable compiled with KAI C++ runs faster than those compiled with any other compilers including Intel C++ ver 6.

I hope KAI C++ will be merged with Intel C++ because of its powerfull optimization capability. That's the reason I made such a question.


We are trying to incorporate the best technologies from KAI C++ (and the other KAI tools) into Intel's tools as much as we can.

We would like to see a specific example of code that has such a performance difference to evaluate what we need to and can do. Could you please submit a bug to Intel Premier Support? Details on how to register and use Premier can be gotten from the "Tech Support" link above, or just go to www.intel.com/software/products/compilers and follow the support links.

We can better follow up on bugs and test cases through Premier than in this forum.

Thanks for the feedback!

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