What speedup will C++ 7.0 give us.

What speedup will C++ 7.0 give us.

We are currently compiling with Intel C++ 5. If we upgrade to version 7, what kind of a speedup can we expect for our code. I only need ballpark figures like 5%, 10%, etc. I won't hold you to your answer if we see different results, but I need to know if it's worth the upgrade.

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Jeff - You really ask tough questions...
I would recommend that you download the eval version and check this out yourself. (http://www.intel.com/software/products/global/eval.htm)
Intel C++ 5 did not really support Pentium 4 (-tpp7 -axW for Linux and -G7 -QaxW for Linux).

I am *guessing* that it would be near the upper end of your range. But please confirm this.

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