Intel C++ 7.0 Beta

Intel C++ 7.0 Beta

Does anybody know where I can find it?
I have heard some people are using it alerady (trolltech, boost, ...) but I could not manage to find it on Intel web site! Many thanks.

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Thanks for using this forum. This is the first non-host post on the C++ forum!

To get to the question, actually it turns out, that we are almost about ready to release Intel C++ 7.0. So the beta is over.

The compiler will be available for download and evaluation at,
pretty soon.

Hope that works.

7.0 release is now available at the link I pointed to earlier. Enjoy!


Is there any inexpensive version for the Intel C++ 7.0 for acadamic use?

Hello -- Academic pricing can be found at and a list of Intel Software edu resellers at If you need additional information, please write to

Take care,
Intel Corp.

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