noexcept in Intel Compiler 2013

noexcept in Intel Compiler 2013

Does noexcept actually work? The release note say it does, all I get is

error : expected a ";"

C++0x is enabled and as far as I can tell the C++ Compiler 2013 is installed (Intel Software Manager seems to think so).



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You need to use the -std=c++0x or -std=c+11 switch and your reference Gnu compiler must be 4.6 or later or you need to use the -gcc-version=460 switch.

GNU only supports this in 4.6 or later with the -std=c++0x switch.

This is under Windows, so I don't have a reference GNU compiler; the same code with "noexcept" does compile under clang/OSX though. This being Windows I can only select c++0x as the language. Range-based for loops work, so the compiler is the new one and it thinks it's C++11.

It is in the release notes, that doesn't mean it's fully supported? There is a "partial" behind "Generalized constant expressions", "noexcept" is not qualified in any way. Where can I find a complete and correct list of supported C++11 features?

Yes it looks like we need to enable the noexcept feature on Windows under /Qstd=c++0x. This has been entered in our database as a defect as
DPD200235204. Sorry for the inconvenience.

When will this be released? We have a C++11 library that needs to be compiled on Windows. It uses noexcept on every function possible.

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