Static Linking Error - ippcore-7.1 Dependency

Static Linking Error - ippcore-7.1 Dependency


I have Intel Composer 2012 XE with Intel IPP

I set in the project properties under Intel Libraries - "Use IPP: Single Threaded Static Library".

Yet after compiling I still get dependency of 'ippcore-7.1' and only 'ippcore-7.1'.

I use Intel Compiler for the compiling process.

How could that be? How could that be resolved? I think it is a bug since I use MS Compiler I don't have that dependency (Same settings).

Moreover, If I turn off the option "Use Intel Optimized Headers" (Under Configuration Properties -> C / C++ -> Optimization [Intel C++]) the dependency is removed.
Could that be explained?

I use Windows 7 64 Bit.

All paths are defined well.

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