installation failed

installation failed

I was trying to install Intel C Composer 2011on Centos 6.3 linux on system with i5 processor. I was installed all the prerequisites such as glibc and libstdc. However, when I try to install the compiler I am still getting a message stating that libraries libstdc++6 (including libstdc++6), glibc and libgcc could not be found. Can you please suggest a solution to the problem. Thank you in advance.


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is your OS 32-bit or x86_64? and which glibc, libstdc, gcc you have . If you have 64 -bit OS, and installed 64-bit versions of those packages, you can only install Composer XE of 64-bit. If you trying to install both the 32/64 bit installble for the Linux C++ Composer package, Apparently it needs both the 64 bit and 32 bit libraries (libstdc++, gcc 32-bit & others) on the system( check on this). or simply switch to pure 64-bit composer native installable. (w/o 32-bit). you need to check if only 64-bit intel package is okay for you, and then try if the error still appears.
also, you can check if you have 32-bit packages in your system.
you must have /usr/lib32 (32-bit libs)etc, apart from /usr/lib (which points to /usr/lib64 which is 64-bit).
you can also check with rpm -qa| grep , the packages you have, and their locations by using rpm -ql , and it will show all the locations/versions (32 or 64-bit) that are present.

for more information, visit the similar issues:--

and let us know exact error you are getting. I think this is because you do not have the 32-bit packages / libs, and have picked up Composer which has 32/64 bits for installation.

Dear Milind,

Thanks for your reply. In the user directory, I see lib and lib64 libraries. Maybe it is righ that I dont have 32 bit libraries which is causing the error. However, I had previously used same centos os and same intel compilers in another machine where it had worked. So I thought it should actually be working here. Maybe ther was something different with the other installation.

I will try to install64 bit intel compiler and see what happens. Thanks again.

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