DLL size and unused code

DLL size and unused code

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   I work these days on a DLL with intel c compiler and extended libraries (MKL, TBB and/or IPP + FFTW). I remark that if I activate additionnal libraries without making any call to them, the binary size strongly increases even in release mode. I thought linkers did optimise this and only "stored" the useful code in the binary. Is this false ? Is there a linker-parameter to activate to purge unused functions ?

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

In VS IDE, open the project property, select "Linker > Optimization", set "Yes(/OPT:REF)" for "References" property.


Downloadimage/png vs-prop-ref.png27.17 KB

Don't know why I did not see it in the options when I had a first look ...
Thanks a lot, this solved my problem.
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