Can't link MKL with -static-intel after update to 2013update1

Can't link MKL with -static-intel after update to 2013update1


I can compile and link my program correctly with version 2011_sp1_update3, but failed with version 2013_update1.

My program contains only 2 .cpp files, and generated by following 3 commands.

icpc -O3 -inline-level=2 -parallel -ipp=common -mkl=parallel -I/opt/intel/ipp/include -ansi-alias -Wcheck -openmp-report2 -par_report1 -vec-report1 -Wstrict-aliasing -MMD -MP -MF"src/KTiming.d" -MT"src/KTiming.d" -c -o "src/KTiming.o" "../src/KTiming.cpp"

icpc -O3 -inline-level=2 -parallel -ipp=common -mkl=parallel -I/opt/intel/ipp/include -ansi-alias -Wcheck -openmp-report2 -par_report1 -vec-report1 -Wstrict-aliasing -MMD -MP -MF"src/smlab-bbrbm-sp.d" -MT"src/smlab-bbrbm-sp.d" -c -o "src/smlab-bbrbm-sp.o" "../src/smlab-bbrbm-sp.cpp"

icpc -parallel -ipp=common -mkl=parallel -O3 -static-intel -o "smlab-bbrbm-sp"  ./src/KTiming.o ./src/smlab-bbrbm-sp.o

When using 2011_sp1_up3, everything is fine. When using 2013, the last link command fails unless I remove the option '-static-intel'.

I use non-commercial license. The OS is CentOS 6.3.

Is this a bug? Is there a way I can link MKL statically?


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The link advisor posted on the MKL forum accepts requests for command line usage including static linking (except for libiomp5). As far as I know, it was never controlled by -static-intel. The -mkl option, as far as I know, supports only dynamic linking, so you need to use the link advisor for the static linking advice. If you wish more expert confirmation, the MKL forum is the place.

Thanks! I thought -mkl will do everything for me automatically, just as the old version.
I will try mkl link advisor then.

You should be able to link statically by moving the -mkl switch after your source and object files.


We'll look into making this unnecessary.

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