Intel C++ Compiler 8.0

Intel C++ Compiler 8.0

So how can I get it for non-commercial use? I know it's old but I need exactly this version!

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Did you try the advice at ?
Such an old version may be difficult to use on a recent linux.

But I haven't got any produt keys. I just want to get it free for non-commercial use.

If you qualify for the non-commercial license, take out a current license and try the posted advice.

That's correct. Try to get the non-commercial product at: and then try to get the older version but use the newer license.


>>...Such an old version may be difficult to use on a recent linux...

I'm not asking why Intel C/C++ compiler version 8 needs to be used and 'm not surprised to see that as a requirement. Some companies in the US and in Canada are still using Visual C++ version 6. Impressed?

Yeah but where to find it? I licensed trail-version and searching old versions but the older is 8.1!

Some versions of the 8.0 compiler were buggy so it's perhaps not surprising if only 8.1 remains available on the download site.

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