During Composer XE 2013 installation VS2010 is not found

During Composer XE 2013 installation VS2010 is not found

I'm trying to install Composer XE 2013 and get complains during this that Visual Studio is not found on my machine hence integration into that will not work.

I've installed Visual C++ 2010 Express edition from ISS right before and an older VS 2005 installation is still present on my machine. Are there any restrictions regarding VS 2010 versions or any other reason that would explain this issue?




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yes, the IDE integration requires VS2010 prof edition or above. If only VS2010 exp edition is installed, the cmdline should work. 

Detail info here: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-c-compiler-for-windows-in... 


Thanks for this quick response and sorry for spreading this here at all. After reading the release notes a bit more in detail, I discovered this limitation myself:)

Unfortunately only the Express edition is available for me and most like a lot of other people on ISS at the moment, but that's an issue that needs to be resolved somewhere else...

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